The Owner

I strive to empower others to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives. Why? Because my own journey has been full of twists, turns, searching, and finding meaning where I never expected. Practicing yoga has brought calm and joy into my life. Yoga taught me how to stay in the present and appreciate the moment I am living, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. This wonderful practice has changed my life in such a positive way I cannot help but want to share this gift with others.

I grew up a fiercely competitive runner. However, by the time I graduated college, I was burnt out. I needed a different outlet for my competitive nature and passion for physical fitness. I started doing Crossfit around that time and my perspective on body image and physique shifted. I started to realize that being physically strong can help empower you to become mentally strong. When I started doing yoga in 2015, my outlook evolved even further. Through yoga, you're empowered in the body, the mind, and the spirit. You find a sense of peace and calm, that wasn't present before and you learn how to maintain that mode of mentality throughout the different areas of your life. 

I took my love of yoga a step further in August of 2017, when I traveled to Bali, Indonesia for my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Every day my passion for yoga, both teaching and in practice, continues to grow. 


Certifications include:

  • Yogafit level 1

  • Yoga Sculpt

  • Crossfit level 1  

  • Reiki level 1 Practitioner  

  • 200hr Teacher Training